AYC’s Great African for May 2016 – Wilberforce Kakaire from Uganda

May 2016

We are pleased to introduce our Great African for the month of May 2016, Wilberforce Kakaire from Uganda.

Wilber having studied for a Bachelors of Information Technology at Makerere University, one would have expected him to practice his profession. He however chose to take on a Volunteer Peer EdNew York 684ucator role in a rural community in Uganda just after he graduated in 2011. It was this foundation that has curved his passion and the work he does even today. Wilber is now very passionate about development that he is not only pursuing a Masters Degree in International Development but was present as a youth Delegate in the 70th United Nations General Assembly that launched the New Sustainable Development Goals last year in New York. Back Home, Wilber is working with a network of youth led organizations to hold Ugandan government accountable to all commitments on youth priorities under the SDGs.

Having picked interest in youth issues as a Volunteer in 2008, Wilber has been instrumental in the Post 2015 youth involvement, including channeling the youth voice on Means of Implementation and Global Partnership. He has good competency in this area, especially in regards to the Central and South

New York 358
Wilber at the UN General Assembly in 2015

ern Africa context, being an active member of the United Nations Major Group on Children and Youth (UNMGCY) and the UNDP local for a in Uganda. Wilber has engaged constructively with a variety of government, CSO and community stakeholders in increasing meaningful youth participation in their programs. He trains up youth to have a strong voice in government negotiations and is himself an outstanding speaker on behalf of young people’s views.

Wilberforce signed up to be an Accountability Advocate, meaning he will be taking a lead in holding leaders accountable to their commitments and citizens demands. He is also referred to as the SDG Youth Ambassador. This is so because of the cause he is championing of ensuring that Young people are not left behind, because he believes the Global Goals are about us. “It’s us who will be there in 2030 running governments, we will be parents and leaders of all kinds” he says . This therefore means that we have to create an accountability Network comprised of like minded Civil society organization with the objective of monitoring the implementation of the sustainable development Goals and advocating for under-served critical areas that need urgent attention to ensure sustainable development.” he says.

Wilber is a great team player, great leadership and interpersonal skills and is passionate about youth participation and generating leaders. Wilber has workArusha traininged with NGOs since 2008, building his skills, knowledge and expertise around youth issues. Wilber has steadily moved through different positions and is currently in a management position with Restless Development as a Skills Development Manager for young people supporting the USAID Youth Leadership in Agriculture projects in Uganda.

Wilberforce says: “It’s time for youth to explore their potential, fight for their space hold our leaders accountable, seek knowledge build our skills and networks. If we don’t stop forward as rights bearers we will be denied the space we need to curve our future.”

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Great African: Strive Masiyiwa

Ever heard the name Strive Masiyiwa? The AYC is proud to celebrate him as her first Great African.

Strive Masiyiwa is an African, Entrepreneur, Businessman and Philanthropist from Zimbabwe. Born on the 29th of January 1961 in his home country, Strive attended primary school in Zambia before completing his secondary education in Scotland. He studied Electrical Engineering and obtained a degree from the University of Wales.

He is the founder and executive chairman of the diversified Econet wireless. After being away from Zimbabwe for seventeen years, Strive returned and worked briefly as a Telecom Engineer for the state owned telephone company. One of Masiyiwa’s most successful ventures is the London-based privately held Liquid Telecom Group , Africa’s largest satellite and fibre optic business spanning over 14 countries. Other activities of Econet include enterprise networks, financial services, renewable energy, and solar-powered solutions (Solarway Industries).

Strive has influence both in Africa and beyond. He serves on the boards of some global organisations, including The Rockefeller Foundation , US Council on Foreign Relations International Advisory Board, the Asia Society , the Africa Progress Panel (APP), Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), The Micronutrient Initiative of Canada, Grow Africa, The African Union ‘s (AU) EBOLA Fund, Morehouse College Board, and The Pan African Strategic Institute. Masiyiwa also sits on two United Nations Advisory Panels and is the only African member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Committee on Conscience.

An active philanthropist, Strive supports a diverse range of health issues including campaigns against HIV/AIDS, Cervical Cancer, malnutrition, and more recently EBOLA. He is an avid environmentalist and together with Sir Richard Branson founded the environmental group, the Carbon War Room. He took over, from former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, the chairmanship of AGRA, an organisation that supports Africa’s smallholder farmers. He is also co-Chair of Grow Africa, the investment forum for Africa’s agriculture, which has helped mobilise over US $15 billion in investments for African agriculture. His family foundations support and educate more than 40,000 children. Masiyiwa is also a member of the Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, initiative known as the Giving Pledge.

Strive has received multiple honours and awards for excellence in business and humanitarian services. He is married to Tsitsi Masiyiwa and they have six children.

Reference: Wikipedia