About AYC

The African Youth Corner (AYC) is a platform to connect young, vibrant and committed Africans who are willing and ready to bring to bare the potentials of the African continent and affect their society positively.

The aim of the Corner is to:

  • Advocate for sensitive and crucial matters concerning Africa and the world. Such matters include: Education, poverty alleviation, Good Health and Well being, Climate Change, etc.
  • Train and develop the youth of Africa on Leadership, Entrepreneurship and interpersonal skills.
  • Provide access to global and local opportunities.
  • Engage young people in community development projects
  • Celebrate Great Africans; their achievements and the rich culture and heritage of Africans.


To maximize the potentials of African Youth for the development of the continent.


To provide a platform where young Africans can be made into leaders and change agents.


Africans for Africa



3 thoughts on “About AYC”

  1. Hello,
    my name is christien KABASELE. I’m from Democratic Republic of Congo. I want to know. what can I do to become a african youth corner member?


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