Get Featured on AYC’s Changemakers Corner


The African Youth Corner is pleased to introduce the Changemakers’ Corner. Beginning in 2017, we shall be featuring young changemakers across Africa. The aim of this is to know the extent to which young people are driving change in their localities, to measure our progress and challenge other youth in Africa to rise up and take initiatives to better their communities. Your work may be related to Education, Health, Environment, Energy, Sustainable Development Goals, etc.


Open to young Africans and other young people who are not of African origin, but are driving change and resident in an African country.

Send a summary ofyourself and the work you are doing (in not less than 250 words) to

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3 thoughts on “Get Featured on AYC’s Changemakers Corner”

  1. Simon from Kenya empowering women and children through sanitarytowels and babies nappies. Sanitarytowels and babiesnappies are basic needs like clothing house and food but millions of children and especially young girls lack or can’t afford this basic necessity. Who will voice on there behalf. That why I have taken this nobble task to empower them. Please join me


    1. Simon we would be featuring Change makers across Africa starting in 2017. If you wish to be featured, share your impact story with us and we would be glad to show everyone the extent of your work towards reshaping Africa


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