AYC’s Leadership Shuttle (September Edition)

The African Youth Corner rolled out her flagship programme – The Leadership Shuttle – in September. The program seeks to raise young, effective and competent leaders in Africa. The launching of the programme was in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria – the current Headquarter of the organisation.


There were three sessions of the program in September. The participants were engaged with various topics relating to leadership such as:

• Understanding leadership;
• Concepts of Leadership;
• Leadership Styles;
• Decision Making process in Leadership; and
• Entrepreneurial leadership

Alfred Kingsley making a contribution

Participants raised critical questions concerning leadership in Africa and presented valid suggestions on how to raise effective leaders that would ensure a sustainable future for the great African continent.

Jane Uzor speaking on decision making

The Leadership Shuttle would be moving into grassroot communities in order to reach more marginalized young people, enabling them discover themselves, release their potentials and make valuable contributions to the society they find themselves.

After a session in the Leadership Shuttle

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