AYC Goes Green

Climate Change has become a major concern for everyone and the African Youth Corner (AYC) could not be left out.

On December 15th, 2015 the AYC put together a #YALIlearns event with the theme: Understanding Climate Change. YALI is Young African Leaders Initiative and it is an initiative of the United States Government introduced by the Obama administration. The YALI Network provides virtual resources and vibrant physical spaces to equip young African leaders with the skills and connections they need to foster change in their communities and their countries.

The event was facilitated by Mrs Christine Edet, an environment expert.

Participants were exposed to

1. The basics: The science of climate.
2. The impacts: How Climate change affects Africa.
3. The Solutions: Taking Actions to reduce Climate Change.

The materials from the YALI Network was very helpful in carrying out the event. Participants made action plans in the bid to address climate change.
Many thanks to the AYC Calabar Team, Mrs Christine Edet, the YALI Network, the iKapture Networks, and the participants.


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