Welcome to the African Youth Corner!

Africa, the world’s second most largest and second most populous is one that has been misrepresented in years past by the media. The true story about Africa has not been told because the most people telling the story of Africa are not Africans. It has been said that until the lion is given the chance to tell the
story of the jungle, the hunter will continue to
relish us with his exploit in the jungle. The real Africa has not been told and seen in full dimension.

Here at the African Youth Corner, we want to tell the world about Africa, who we are and what we represent. It will be Africans telling the African story as it is and not as some people perceive it to be. We would focus on youth, education, health, governance, economy and other matters that make us who we are.

At the Corner, we would also be sharing opportunities for students and professionals, having several guests who are making a difference here in Africa and the amazing stories of many great Africans.

Please stay connected and enjoy the real Africa.

Let the journey begin!!!


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